Welcome to doberman911.org, the website for Special Needs Dobermans (SND). We are an organization of people with a common goal of helping senior and special needs Dobermans. That need may be financial or it may be only information and/or moral support for the owner of a Doberman with a serious illness or injury. We will also aid in rehoming and fostering senior Dobermans. These Dobermans may be shelter rescues or they may already be much loved companions with a special need. Financial aid may be through donations or through avenues such as online auctions. Every precaution will be taken to assure that the need is real.

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Please enjoy this beautiful tribute to Rescued Dobermans everywhere - brought to us by a believer!!


Give me the ugly dog with one eye, three legs,
and help me show that they're more than just a form and a face.
Give me the scarred dog, burned and slashed with hate,
and help me lead it away from that terrible fate.
Give me the deaf and blind dog, and help me show it the way
in the silence and dark of each of their days.
Give me the shutdown dog, depressed of mind,
and help me cherish their soul until their fears unwind.
Give me the old dog, bent and broken with age,
and help me fill their last days with an unending grace.
Give me the ugly dog, I'll leave the pretty one for you,
and help me show them they're worthy of love and joy, too.
                                                                                       Leslie Bird Nuccio

About Leslie:
Leslie Bird Nuccio is President of Doberman Rescue of North Carolina – she speaks from her heart for all who do this amazing work on behalf of those who would otherwise have no voice, no future.

Miss Sweetheart rides high forever in the Night Sky!!
This is how we will always remember you!!

Meet The SNDobes Helped With General Funds!!

These Special Needs Dobermans were helped with one-time grants from our most important fund, the General Fund.  This fund is used to help Dobermans fortunate enough to find themselves in Rescue Groups.  Assistance is only provided for extraordinary expenses.  These grants can be augmented by your generous contributions to any of these precious Dobes!! Private owners will be provided the necessary information to help them fundraise for their own Dobes as well as being given information to reduce their costs for medications and ways to seek additional information about Doberman illnesses.



December, 2013: Roxy is a really pretty, Senior redhead, who has overcome tremendous challenges before and now faces the challenge of a lifetime. She was dumped at a shelter 5 years ago. Grossly undernourished and overbred, she was covered with sores from Demodex. She was shutting down and would simply sit in a corner and tremble. The shelter was ready to end her short and tough life when Doberman Rescue of Nevada stepped forward. Roxy needed a full year of intense treatment. The first problem was that she could not tolerate being in a kennel situation. She moved to a foster home and slowly came out of her shell. As the months passed she gained some weight and began to regrow a coat. It was more than a year before the veterinarian pronounced her immune system healed and the Demodex controlled. Physically healed, Roxy remained very timid and shy and attracted no potential adopters. The decision was made to keep her in the care of DRNV for the remainder of her days. Just recently, her separation anxiety drove Roxy to “break in” to a cabinet loaded with medical supplies. She ate more than a half bottle of powerful drugs made tasty to encourage ill dogs to take them willingly. But, it can cause kidney failure and permanent gastrointestinal damage. Rushed to the hospital she has undergone repeated forced feedings of activated charcoal to absorb the potential poison and flushed with IV fluids for days. This stunning senior may overcome the latest threat to her life, but the continuing costs of saving her are significant. Please help beautiful Roxy, the stunning Senior Lady recover by clicking on the PayPal button to the right or by mailing one in. SND and DRNV greatly appreciate your love and support. With it we will make sure Roxy can send loving Doberleans your way. No amount is ever too small to help these precious ones and fully 100% of your donation goes to Miss Roxy's care! Keeping SND's vital General Fund afloat allows us to help the RescueAngels out there continue to try and end the daily suffering of all the Dobes that cross their paths!

Please Help General Fund Roxy!


November, 2013: Meet Mr. Brock! He's only 2 years old, thus far unneutered and was facing the death sentence for being hit by a car - that was certainly the "accident" part of this equation! How he came to be at that time and place was no fault of his - you can blame his people for that. Their reaction was to respond to their own, what?, neglect, carelessness, what?? Likely went something like this '...well, we can't make this mistake right because we can't afford the surgery' - an all too familiar reaction to a situation involving "just an animal!" You can bet that the Charlotte Humane Society has heard it all before but luckily he was surrendered to their care! Now, here's how Brock's unhappy accident became a VERY happy accident - His next collision was into the arms of Dr. Judi Vogt who has a real soft spot for Dobermans! He had sustained a horrible spiral fracture to a femur which, if seen, would make one wonder how that leg could be saved. Well thanks to Dr. Judi and her colleagues at Long Animal Hospital IT WAS!! Mr. Brock is recovering beautifully, will lose his jewels and then be waiting for that Forever Family who will love and care for him and keep him safe! However, here's some reality - Even with deeply discounted services, the expenses were as great as the save. Charlotte Humane cares for all breeds and when they show such dedication to one of ours, how can we not respond to help them recoup some of these expenses! Please consider helping us help Dr. Vogt and the CHS by donating to the vital (literally) General Fund. 100% of your donation goes to help Dobes in need! You can start helping by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. Remember, no amount is ever too small, and, as always, we at SND appreciate your support of our SNDobermans!! Thanks!!

Please Help General Fund Brock!


November, 2013: Please say hello to our southern belle Wilma! This lovely senior lady, who was used all of her life as a "cash cow" for her "greeders," found herself in a shelter when she was no longer useful as a puppy machine. A shelter usually isn't a good place to be, but it was the first step in the right direction to a new life for Wilma and that was because being turned into the shelter is how she was discovered by the Distinguished Dobermans Rescue angels! When Wilma arrived to DDR in Pittsburgh, PA, she was definitely feeling under the weather. It was no surprise when Wilma was diagnosed with a very heavy load of heartworms. Her lungs are weak from so many worms multiplying in her heart, but with the love, care and treatment she's been receiving in her foster home, Wilma is feeling better. Our southern belle is a gentle lady who is loving all of the attention she's missed in her past 7-8 yrs and she's more than willing to share her Dobie affection! Please help SND assist DDR in bringing this sweet girl back to health. She's given her all and more, now it's time for her to receive. You can help Wilma by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing your donation in. Remember, no amount is ever to small and 100% will be used for the care of these precious ones! The Dobes, Rescues and SND are always very grateful for your generosity and support!!

Please Help General Fund Wilma!


November, 2013: One of the sweetest guys rescued all year - but then, aren't they all? Those words are might be remarkable, coming from the RescueAngels of Doberman Pinscher Rescue of California, telling us about Bosch. DPR is one of the primary rescues in California, and they have seen countless Dobermans cross their threshold, so they have an excellent handle on assessing Doberman temperament. What they, as well as everyone else who reads this will never have a handle on is the depths unfathomable cruelty of the so called human race - which most rescues see everyday... Bocsh came to DPR after his holding period in the local pound was up. One of his rear legs was shattered, the result of being hit by a car. Forced to languish in the shelter with a compound fracture for several days is heinous enough, but when Bosch's story emerged after his angels pulled him was when the most of the sketchy details of his case emerged. It was learned that Bosch was chained to a Rottweiler, and they both escaped their HellHole together, chained, when they both were hit by a vehicle. Bosch's poor, dear Rotti friend was killed outright, Bosch's leg was irretrievably smashed, and finally, off Bosch was sent to the shelter... to wait. DPR of Fillmore pulled Bosch as soon as they could and sent him immediately off to their veterinarian. Bosch's leg was beyond any repair so the kind vet amputated his leg. He is recovering very nicely, already placed in a very loving foster home, where he is loved and doted upon. DPR is getting almost daily feedback on how sweet, unassuming and loving this beautiful boy is. Finally, he is loved, treasured and living the life he should be living. Saving Bosch has proved very expensive - but this is what rescues do, and rescues are overflowing with Dobes and are very strapped financially. No one makes any money running a Rescue, and they rely on the donations of Doberman lovers across the country to help more Dobes. Please, find a place in your heart and checkbook to help DPR and SND pay Bosch's veterinary bills with your donation! Doberman Rescues rely on YOU to help save the Bosch's of the world. Every cent counts, and you get the added benefit of knowing that not only have you helped Bosch, but you are helping other Dobes, who will undoubtedly need their help in the future. Please start now by clicking on the PayPal button to the right or by mailing one in! Thank You, from Bosch, DPR and all of us at SND!!

Please Help General Fund Bosch!


November, 2013: Handsome Roman is a wonderful 4 year old boy who found himself with a terrible stomach ache. His owners quickly took him to his veterinarian who immediately felt that Roman had an intestinal obstruction and took x-rays to try and get a better look. The x-rays turned out to show a very irritated small bowel and Roman's veterinarian needed to perform an exploratory surgery to find the the source of poor Roman's trouble. When Roman's owners found that the surgery would be $1500.00 on top of the x-rays (which they paid for), they just did not have the money. Roman's owners decided to surrender him to their vet, Dr. Jill Giri, to save his life. Once Roman is well, he'll be off to Northern California Doberman Rescue in Red Bluff, ready to find his forever home. The good news is Roman's surgery went well and no obstruction was found - however, sweet Roman has a roaring case of inflamed bowel and will be receiving treatment. The RescueAngels of North California Dobe Rescue need you help to reimburse Dr. Giri for saving his life - she tells us Roman is already feeling better and is recovering well. Please be a part of helping Roman to a new, healthy life by donating to Mr. Roman here at Special Needs Dobermans. Every penny will go to paying for Roman's surgery and recovery! Thank you from Roman, Northern CA Dobe Rescue and all of us at SND! Start now by clicking on the PayPal button to the right and making a gift. You may also mail one in. No amount is ever too small to help these precious ones! Keeping SND's vital General Fund afloat allows us to help the RescueAngels out there continue to try and end the daily suffering of all the Dobes that cross their paths!

Please Help General Fund Roman!


November, 2013: Lucien spent his entire 4 years tied to a tree. His companion, Jasmine, was all he had. Eventually the owner/boyfriend left and their time together at their tree only continued for another 6 months - until the girlfriend was sure he wasn't coming back. At least she didn't just turn them loose but turned them over to a shelter, where they became separated. Fortunately for them they were found by the RescueAngels of Forever Dobes Rescue and are now safe. They were not re-united until recently - and it took Jasmine a while to remember her best bud. Of course she then started pushing him around again like nothing ever changed. Lucien is such a sweetie, he doesn't care how much she dominates him, he just stays sweet. He does guard his resources though, not being a fool. Lucien has so much life in front of him - but he has heartworm and must get over this hurdle before he can move into a new, fun life in a forever home. Please join Teka Clark, Cindy Landis, Forever Dobes Rescue and SND in treating yet another heartworm case... No amount is ever too small and it will all go to kill the dreaded worms! You can begin helping by clicking on the PayPal button to the right and declaring it a gift. You may also mail one in. We at SND would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support of all our SNDobies!!!! Thank you!!

Please Help General Fund Lucien!


Rest In Peace
Sweetest of

November, 2013 -- It is with overwhelming sadness that we announce that this Sweetheart has died of acute kidney failure - She died in the arms of her Angel, Leslie, who made sure that she knew love if only for this very short time... She's the newest and brightest star in Sirius' Garden tonight and forever in the hearts of all who touched this very dear Sweetheart...
October, 2013 - UPDATE! What a difference a day makes - or 7 days make - when you're in the arms of angels!! We are very pleased to announce that this Sweetheart is doing much better as you can see in the pictures above!! The best news is that she is now being fostered by the same RescueAngel that brought Miss Noelle back to life, Leslie Nuccio - yes, she's the very same one who wrote the poem you see above. If anyone can bring Sweetheart back to health - it is this DobeAngel! Thank you Leslie!! Miss Sweetheart has stabilized somewhat but she is not out of the woods yet! THANK YOU all so much for your support of this DobeGirlie!!
October, 2013: The horror of this story can be seen above - Sweetheart is the name given to this sweet girl who has so-far survived slow-motion and extended cruelty and still kept her loving gentle spirit intact. Found rummaging through trash for anything edible, covered in feces and so weak she could hardly stand, this “full-sized” Dobergirl weighed only 29 pounds when her rescuers took her to an emergency clinic which then demanded exorbitant fees to save her. She would have died without immediate care. She needs our help to support her strong will to live. The NC shelter she was taken to, who luckily is rescue friendly, called the RescueAngels of DAN (Doberman Assistance Network) to please come and take this emaciated baby ASAP. DAN immediately went into action and Sweetheart was taken directly to an emergency clinic. Starvation to this degree does not happen over night, it is allowed to happen over a period of time. Who knows when this little girl last had food in her stomach! To add to her diagnosis, it's possible she may also have pyometra (an infection of the uterus) which in itself is life threatening. Sweetheart has shown the fight and tenacity of a Doberman and the will to live, however she IS in a crisis situation. Because of the severity of her neglect, it's not yet known if she will be able to survive. It's too early to tell if she has organ failure or if she'll be able to tolerate food. One thing known for sure is she will get the best care possible to help her thrive - but not without your help! This special little girl has a long road ahead of her, and of course that means prolonged and specialized medical care. DAN has come to SND to help with Sweetheart's mounting bills. Only with your support can SND continue to assist the rescues who do so much for the Dobes they save. You can easily send your tax-deductible gift by mail or by using the PayPal button to the right. Please remember, no amount is ever to small and every cent goes straight to the Dobes. Thank you ever so much for your continued support, we couldn't do it without you!! PLEASE start helping Sweetheart NOW and end this double nightmare (the one that started with the cruelty and neglect she's endured and then by the heartlessness of an emergency clinic which cared ONLY about being paid up front - especially for "nobody's problem" Doberman. She's no longer "nobody's girl" - She is ours - ALL of ours! Please help now by clicking on the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing your donation in. As always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of the vital General Fund and our SNDobies!!! Thanks!!!! Visit Poster Skeleton Miss Sweetheart on our home page here http://www.doberman911.org and see her above - her condition is a disgrace on all who interacted with her and either did nothing or would only do something for $$ - There's a lot of shame to go around!! Get well and healthy Sweetheart - you have an army on your side now!

Please Help General Fund Sweetheart!


October, 2013: Rusty's person lost her land, so, at 1 year old, Rusty lost his home. It was the best thing that could have happened to him though! He lived outside, on a tie-out, year round. When the RescueAngels at South West Ohio Doberman Rescue first saw him he was skin and bones, with goopy eyes - he was also heavily infested with intestinal parasites. The eye problem was found to be a burr stuck right in the eye, and the worms are being treated as I type... but he is also heartworm positive. His X-rays were alarming enough to send him for an echocardiogram before beginning his heartworm treatment. Hopefully his heart will be healthy enough to begin soon. Rusty is only a year old, but so sick, poor baby! Melissa says he is a doll-boy who loves all dogs and even all her cats! Definitely sounds like a good candidate for a forever home once all this is all behind him. Please join SWODR and SND in our efforts to heal this little lover. You may begin helping by clicking on the PayPal button to the right and making a gift. You may also mail one in. No amount is ever too small to help these little ones! We at SND appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies!!! Your help means so much, thank you!!!!! Keeping SND's vital General Fund afloat allows us to help the RescueAngels out there continue to try and end the daily suffering of all the Dobes that cross their paths!

Please Help General Fund Rusty!


October, 2013: When Sonny and Cher were 2 years old, a good Samaritan decided enough was enough and sprung them from an abusive, neglectful home. This kind person did them an even bigger favor and turned them over to Toni, Melissa and all the other RescueAngels at South West Ohio Doberman Rescue. In spite of the abuse they suffered, and the care they didn't get - they're just big love bugs. Melissa says they don't come any sweeter, and we know she wouldn't lie! Cher found her forever home quickly, but Sonny is not so lucky. Sonny is heartworm positive, but he has begun treatment and should be ready to cuddle up to a new home and life soon! Please join SWODR and SND in yet another life saved from a slow, unhappy death. Please consider helping in any way you can, no amount is too small, and it will all go to Sonny! You can begin helping by clicking on the PayPal button to the right (don't forget to call it a gift!). You may also mail one in. Remember, we at SND appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies!!!! Thank you!!! Only you can keep SND's vital General Fund solvent so we can keep helping the RescueAngels do what they do best - save Dobermans!!

Please Help General Fund Sonny!


October, 2013: A Doberman Fairy Tale... because the nightmare is too painful!! Once upon a time there was a little princess who lived in a land not so far away, a very warm land with lots of mosquitoes, the evil king or queen in this land not so far away didn't want to care for this beautiful princess and either banished her from the kingdom or maybe she escaped! But alas this princess lost her way and ended up in a strange place that had an evil odor, it was the odor of death. But miracle of miracles a RescueAngel appeared and whisked her off to the fair land called Minnesota where this lovely princess could run and be happy and loved. This fair land has an angel called Mary who loves all the little princes and princesses who come her way. Now this little princess needs medical help that the wizard of the kingdom cannot conjur. Coming from a warm land with lots of mosquitoes and not given heartworm prevention she has contracted heartworm. Princess Magnolia needs a treatment that will cost lots of money so that she can find a new King or Queen who will love her forever and treat her as a princess deserves to be treated. Princess Magnolia is only 1-2 years old and loves pampering and large soft beds, as any princess would, she is very busy and will make some active person a wonderful companion. Please give what you can to help Princess Magnolia and Dobe Rescue of Minnesota to help Magnolia get on with the duties of her Kingdom. Keeping SND's General Fund allows us to help the RescueAngels do what they can to end the daily nightmare existences of all the SNDobes they can! You can start helping by clicking on the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing your donation in. As always, 100% of your kindness goes to the Dobes!! THANK YOU!!!

Please Help General Fund Magnolia!


October, 2013: Check out the face on this little boy! At 6 months old he is just an absolute doll-baby-puppy. He is the sweetest little boy imaginable, in spite of his pain and discomfort, he only wants to give kisses and love. Too bad his family didn't love him back. This rascally Rascal ate an entire soccer sock, which, of course, did not pass through. Weeks passed and his people did nothing, perhaps they thought it might still come out ok... We all know it doesn't work quite that way. At least they signed him over to rescue - but not before he had lost almost half of his body weight. This little baby weighs 31 pounds, when he should be closer to 50. It is believed he lived with this sock for more than 2 1/2 weeks. I am imagining he could only get enough water down to sustain life, certainly nothing more. Thankfully Rescue Angels Dana Johnson of Northern California Doberman Rescue and the Doberman Assistance Network have him in hand. He has had his surgery and will be moving to a foster home any time now. After that, it shouldn't take long for some family to suck him in with the guarantee of happily ever after. Please join Dana, DAN and SND in helping this little scrap of fur and bones!. No donation is ever too little (he's just little himself) and every penny will go to his surgical bill. You can start helping Rascal by clicking on the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing your donation in. As always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of the vital General Fund and our SNDobies!!! Thanks!!!! Rascal has been a Poster Boy on our home page here http://www.doberman911.org!!

Please Help General Fund Rascal!


October, 2013: This beautiful baby is 7 month old Polly. This adorable puppy found herself surrendered to the Fresno Doberman Rescue group with a terrible case of demodex. While her angels at Fresno were able to get the mange under control, she was sent to Doberman Pinscher Rescue in Fillmore for placement. This Band of RescueAngels took Polly to their veterinarian, where it was discovered Polly has entropion eyelids. This condition requires surgery as soon as possible. In many cases, the eye muscle contracts as a reaction to keep irritation away from the eyes, and if that happens, permanent eye damage -- in some cases, blindness -- results. Polly is a very sweet, smart baby - there's no telling by whom or why she was callously discarded, but she's a very lucky baby to find herself in the care of rescue groups that love and care for countless Dobes. As many of you may know, DPR is a large, active Rescue that has placed many happy Dobermans, and to continue their mission, they have asked SND for assistance with Polly's surgery. Please help them by donating to Polly's surgery, so she can run and see in comfort. Polly, her loving rescuers, and I thank you... can you just see her running thru the grass, wide-eyed?? Thank you!!! Keeping the General Fund afloat allowed us to assist DPR so won't you help assure this fund will be available to other Dobes who need this kind of attention? You can do this now by mail or by using the Paypal button to the right. Please remember every donation follows our "Every Penny" rule! We thank you so much for your continued support! Visit Poster Girl Polly on our home page here http://www.doberman911.org!!

Please Help General Fund Polly!


October, 2013: In this throw-away society, there are those who think nothing of 'getting rid' of an animal, young or old, pet or not, and that mentality sometimes includes those who refer to themselves as "breeder's." Backyard GREEDER is much more like it! Such is the case with five month old baby Mila. This little girl was born with a deformed leg and foot, so probably no money would be able to be made off of her. This simple minded 'greeder' felt Mila's imperfection deemed her not worthy enough to live. The innocent puppy was taken to a veterinarian to be destroyed. Thankfully, the vet refused to comply and thus was the first of several to aid in Mila's rescue. The next to step in was DAN, Doberman Assistance Network, who fostered and made plans for Mila's transport to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... And that brings us to her third rescue, this one by the Dobe Angels of Distinguished Dobermans Rescue. DAN and DDR knew this little baby had so much love to give and was worth the grand life every Dobe should have. Following Mila's arrival in Pittsburgh and immediate vet appointment, the decision was made to amputate the unusable malformed leg. DDR accepts many ill, injured and physically impaired Dobermans. Won't you please help them in their efforts to save many more Dobes who have no one to depend on but us? You can assist by making a tax deductible donation. It's easy! Your gift allows SND to cover these expenses you can do this by mail or by using the Paypal button to the right. Keeping the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes who deserve so much more than they've gotten from life is the ONLY way we are able to help! Please remember every donation is appreciated and every cent goes to helping these SNDobes! We thank you so much for your continued support!

Please Help General Fund Mila!


September, 2013: This darling Doberpup is Seigen. At only five months of age, he is barely old enough to be away from his mother, yet already he was homeless. The ones he entrusted to love and care for him had let him down, left him on the streets to fend for himself. Any number of horrible outcomes could've befallen this little guy. But one day someone did care enough about Seigen to get him off the streets, and eventually he was discovered in the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter. He'd been there for several days with a grossly swollen left hind leg that he was unable to bear weight on. The shelter staff thought he was hit by a car and the leg was broken, but no xrays were ever done to confirm the injury. Luckily, the staff contacted the RescueAngels of Doberman Pinscher Rescue in Fillmore, California. A DPR volunteer immediately took little Seigen to their vet. Luckily the leg had no fractures, but it did sustain severe soft tissue damage which is going to take time and TLC to heal. While everyone is relieved Seigen will not need to undergo surgery, there are still veterinary costs for diagnostics, treatments, the hospital stay and recovery to be taken care of. DPR has many Dobes in their care at any given time and therefore have come to SND for assistance with little Seigen. Because of the DobeAngels of DPR, sweet Seigen will be given a second chance at life. Won't you help SND assist DPR by sending a tax deductible donation. You can do this by helping keep the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes who deserve so much more than they've gotten from life. 100% of your donation helps Dobermans like Seigen! No amount is ever too small. You may use the PayPal button to the right to make your donation. You may also mail one in. We thank you for your gracious continuing support of SND's mission... We couldn't do it without you!!

Please Help General Fund Seigen!


September, 2013: This sad listing is In Memory Of Tristan - one of our SNDobermans who, despite the great efforts of an all-breed Rescue, My Animals Rock in Florida, lost his fight for life. MAR did not become aware of how acutely ill this 5 year old had become until he was brought to them, unable to stand. He had at least seven very large stones in his bladder which eventually resulted in uremic poisoning, shock, seizures and death. Everything that could be done for him him was done while he was hospitalized - it was just not soon enough! So sad... Whenever an all-breed rescue tries to help one of ours, SND tries to help. We did this with General Funds which we hope can be replaced. You can make a tribute in Tristan's memory by helping keep the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes who deserve so much more than they've ever had. No amount is ever too small. You may use the PayPal button to the right to make your donation. You may also mail one in. THANK YOU!!! Rest in Peace Sweet Prince... we think you knew you were loved and were being helped - you will be missed.

Please Help the General Fund In Memory of Tristan!


September, 2013: Sweet Thor is a beautiful Dobe on the threshold of his senior years. One would think after seeing this gorgeous boy that he was a treasured friend to someone, but that is sadly not the case. Sweet, gentle Thor was surrendered by his person and luckily, found himself in the caring arms of the RescueAngels at Doberman Rescue of Minnesota. Thor is a very loving guy at 7 years old and shows no resentment about his circumstances, but he does have some dental issues that demonstrate that his former owners ignored this issue. Who, in their right mind, could turn their back on this beautiful face? Doberman Rescue of Minnesota is a small, but diligent rescue that has brought many Dobes back their health and placed them in loving homes and they have asked SND to assist with Thor's dental cleaning and extractions. Please send a donation for Thor so he can continue to charm all that see his beautiful smile. Every penny goes to his care and will assure he is in the best of health. This boy is a treasure and will live out his golden years as a beloved friend and family member. DRMN does wonderful work, help us help them! Thank you from Thor, SND and the Senior Doberman Project. You can do this by helping keep the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes who deserve so much more than they've ever had. No amount is ever too small. You may use the PayPal button to the right to make your donation. You may also mail one in. THANK YOU!!!

Please Help General Fund Thor!


September, 2013: Left chained to a tree with a Post-It note on her head which said: "Free" - The best "FREE" this Senior DobeLady got was to be free of the COWARDS who chained her there!! Look at this face - what kind of 2-legged animal does this kind of thing? When it's old and gray, we hope they will get no better! Okay, putting aside the outrageous indignity of this, now that Miss Mandie was claimed from the pound by her RescueAngels from San Antonio Doberman Advocacy and Rescue, this is the situation in which she finds herseelf. She's about 8 years OLD by her condition - she was barely able to stand without great pain. Now that she has been loved and evaluated by SADAR's vets, it was found that she has severely arthritic hips which are causing her the pain she's in. She needs a prohibitively expensive total bilateral hip replacement which is the first recommendation. Because of her age and the state of most any Rescue's finances, SADAR will proceed with the second recommendation which will be one or two FHO procedures. We're told these will take away much of the excruciating pain she is in - she may be able to get by with only one side FHO - the left side which is the worst. Miss Mandie's expenses are piling up and we hope to help her SADAR RescueAngels with a good portion of these bills with YOUR help! Here's the beautiful Miss Mandie on her own Senior Doberman Project page seeking a Sponsor now and adoption when she is ready - you can visit her here http://www.doberman911.org/seniors/cases/tx_mandie.html. In the meantime, we featured Miss Mandie as a Cover Girl on our home page at www.doberman911.org. Please consider helping the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes, like Miss Mandie, who deserve so much more than they've ever had - especially in their retirement years when they should be cherished for the life of love and devotion they gave to some uncaring and undeserving person. No amount is ever too small and 100% of your donation will be used to help the SNDobies! So, please join us in helping with Mandie's expenses - let's keep Rescues solvent so they can continue to do the wonderful job they do! Please start helping by using the PayPal button to the right to make your donation. You may also mail one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your support of our SNDobies - as do Miss Mandie and SADAR in this case!!!

Please Help General Fund Mandie!


September, 2013: Bambi is a sweet faced little girl who was in a shelter in CA and needed an urgent rescue as her time in the shelter was up. In stepped the Doberman Pinscher Rescue Angels and took Bambi under their wings (they are Angels after all - with very large wings!) She had been spayed earlier at the shelter even though she was severely underweight and also became very ill with kennel cough. Bambi rested and was rehabilitated in rescue for two weeks and promptly adopted in early September. The very next day the adopter called to let DPR know that Bambi was vomiting, not eating and very lethargic. Although given specific instructions for her care, the adopter took Bambi to a clinic which was not known to DPR. The vet who suggested x-rays for a possible bowel blockage or possible Giardia infection and dismissed with antibiotics. Instead of riding this out and giving this girl a little time to recover, they relinquished her to DPR not wanting to deal with this curable and transient illness!! Lucky Bambi was immediately taken to DPR's vet who diagnosed a "mild enteritis" which would be treated with antibiotics after which the prognosis is excellent!! Miss Bambi was already in the front office keeping everyone company and entertained and was doing great! So much money could have been saved if only the adopter had followed the advice given and hadn't panicked! Their loss is Bambi's gain for sure!! Just look at this sweet little face - you will know why they call her Bambi! Please consider helping the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes, like Bambi, who deserve so much more than they've ever had. No amount is ever too small and 100% of your donation will be used for these DobeKids! So, please do what you can to help with Bambi's expenses as this wonderful rescue and others are always just slammed with Dobes needing medical attention - keeping them solvent helps them continue to do the wonderful job they do. You can start helping by using the PayPal button to the right to make a gift donation. You may also mail one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your support of our SNDobies!!!

Please Help General Fund Bambi!


September, 2013: You can imagine Samuel's 3 years of life have seemed twice that long. You won't be seeing the pictures of him we received - they are more horrific than we want to post - we will send them to you if you want to be outraged. The happy face you see on the right belies the abject misery Samuel faced - his Poster Boy picture which was featured on our home page www.doberman911.org reveals an earlier desperately sad, confused and unsure face... but much less afraid than he had been. Samuel wanted to die but he is a Doberman... so, he survived! Poor, sweet Samuel was a bait dog - and he either escaped or was dumped to be picked up by Animal Control (they didn't pick up the REAL animals in this story... the 2-legged ones)! When Doberman Assistance Network got to him, he went directly to Dr. Vogt (who is with the Humane Society) to initially be examined and fostered. He had SO many horrible deep wounds, especially on his legs, as well as innumerable more shallow wounds on his head, face and body. Dr. Vogt used sugar/honey wraps on the deepest wounds and they are healing beautifully without the need for skin grafts. Sweet Samuel is now in the loving hands of RescueAngels from Forever Dobes Rescue. Hopefully he will soon be a totally spoiled, loving boy in someone's lap, forgetting all about his gory past. Samuel, like so many others, needs your help to continue on his healthier, happier journey. Please help the vital General Fund to stay afloat -- someone has to help undo what others of our species have done! Please help in any way you can. No amount is ever too small, no gift of caring will go unnoticed here - and 100% of it goes to these beautiful creatures we all care so much about. You can begin helping by making a tax deductible gift donation using the PayPal button to the right. You may also mail one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies!!! Thank you!!

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November, 2013 -- Sweet Jasmine has lost her fight with deadly heartworm. She was and is very loved still... she will be missed by all she touched. RIP Sweet Princess - Sirius' Garden shines brighter still!!
September, 2013
: Sweet Jasmine has lived her four years of life(??) tied to a tree. She was the lucky one, she got a rope - her partner, Lucien, got a chain. The luckiest thing to ever happen to her was Doberman Assistance Network getting hold of her. The next good fortune was being accepted by the Rescue Angel of Forever Dobes Rescue. She's safe with a loving FosterMom now - and we all know Cindy's huge Doberman heart. Like all dogs tied outside, underfed and uncared for - she has heartworm. She has a heavy load but is also probably pregnant (thanks a bunch, Lucien). This poor girl wheezes with every step. Her heartworm load is life-threatening and some form of treatment must begin - sooner rather than later. Hopefully she is NOT pregnant and can start a full heartworm treatment immediately. Stay tuned to the cafe for Cindy's updates!! Please consider helping the vital General Fund stay afloat for these Dobes who deserve so much more than they've ever had. No amount is ever too small. You may begin helping Jasmine by using the PayPal button to the right to make a gift donation. You may also mail one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your support of our SNDobies!!! Thank you from the bottom of every heartworm free heart!!!!

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August, 2013: Jeremiah is only 3, but he's got quite a story to share. This very frightened young Doberman was first surrendered by a BYB in 2011 along with his brother, Moses. The Humane Society placed them together, only to learn that Moses was found abandoned and wandering the woods for months on end. Moses was finally humanely trapped by the RescueAngels of the Doberman Assistance Network, and he is safe. Obviously, this led DAN to wonder just what became of Jeremiah. He was also discovered to be abandoned by individuals who moved out of their residence, and was also found wandering the woods for 6 months - being fed by kind construction workers and occasional dumpster diving. Thankfully, DAN was able to trap Jeremiah as well, and the two brothers are now re-united. Jeremiah was found to be heartworm positive, hypothyriod and has a healed femur fracture that does not require medical intervention at this time. It is unimaginable what this poor boy has been through, but DAN is committed to helping both these handsome brothers trust and love humans again. DAN is asking SND for help to treat Jeremiah's heartworm while still in his DAN foster home, which is quiet and peaceful. He has and will continue to get one-on-one attention and love. Please help the angels of DAN with a contribution to SND to help this dear boy recover from this life- threatening disease. Every penny counts and 100% of your donation will be used for his care - and you will be rewarded with watching this dear boy learn to enjoy the life he so deserves. Please make your donation now - your donation is tax deductible - so, just click on the PayPal button to the right, or you can mail your donation in (which also saves on PayPal fees!). Thank you for your continued support!!

Please Help General Fund Jeremiah!


August, 2013 -- Hail and Farewell too soon... We are all so saddened to report that Augustus' triumphant return to love and glory was abruptly cut short when it was found that his abuse and neglect resulted in overwhelming disease from which he could not survive. Thanks to his RescueAngels he died knowing he was loved even if for just a short moment in time - he will be greatly missed but he suffers no more. Twinkle brightly in the Night Sky and in our hearts forever sweet Prince!!
August, 2013: Found as a stray in Houston, Texas - this mighty Caesar (he must have been that sometime in his long life - though it's hard to tell it - for now) was led from the ruins of the streets to an animal control shelter. Given his age AND his condition he was on his way to face his death for sure. He is heavily heartworm infested, he may have been hit by a car (recently? who will ever know?) and his teeth are overgrown with epulises from gums overgrowing them... What a sorry sight!! Sorry, unless you're a RescueAngel from San Antonio Doberman Advocacy and Rescue! They stepped up to save this sad, sad Caesar and gave him a name which better reflected who he will become: Augustus, truly venerable as is the meaning of his name! This precious Gent's fortunes have certainly changed! He will be receiving all the care he needs - expensive care - and we are asking for your help in restoring Mr. Augustus to as good health as possible. His very sad demeanor has already begun to lift as he realizes he is back in Rome... er, actually in Devine - and adored as he always deserved to be! Won't you join us in this renaissance?? Because of all the medical issues he has at present, he will not be available for adoption any time soon and he will be looking for Senior Sponsorships too - please visit him here http://www.doberman911.org/seniors/cases/tx_augustus.html for more pictures and a little more story! This very noble and handsome Augustus will also be featured on our home page as a Poster Caesar which you can visit here http://www.doberman911.org. SADAR and SND are committed to restoring his health but we can't do it alone! Mr. Augustus and we need YOUR help!! Keeping Rescues and our General Fund solvent is vital to the lives of Dobermans who need help when extraordinary expenses come to bear. You can show your support by donating to this cause now by using the PayPal button on the right or by mailing one in. 100% of your gift will be used for the restoration of this august Augustus! THANK YOU for your continued support of these Dobes we all love!!

Please Help General Fund Augustus!


July, 2013: This handsome, approximately 6 year old gentleman is "da Boss" of Doberman Pinscher Rescue in California. Like so many others who were discarded when they were no longer loved, Boss' days were numbered as he sat in waiting at a high kill shelter. Good fortune finally appeared when DPR RescueAngels stepped in and the Bossman was saved from almost certain death. Recently though, this sweet fellow became ill and had to be rushed immediately to the vet where he was diagnosed with 'mild bloat'. Even without surgery, bloat in any form is always an emergency and is always costly. Therefore, DPR has come to SND requesting assistance in paying for Boss's unavoidable emergency care. Rescues can't survive without donations, and neither can SND. When Rescues fail, many Dobes are lost. SND depends on your generosity, in any amount, to enable us to continue helping our RescueAngels so they can save even more of the unwanted innocents. Won't you please make a donation to Boss or to the SND General Fund? Your donation is tax deductible, effortless to do and every cent will go to your designation. Just click on the PayPal button to the right, or you can mail your donation in (which also saves on PayPal fees!). Help us help them!! Most grateful thank you's are extended for your continued support!!

Please Help General Fund Boss!


July, 2013: Meesha is a beautiful 7 year DobeLady who came to Forever Dobes Rescue in November of 2012. Meesha was living outside in very cold weather as her owner had fallen on hard times and was herself living with no heat in her home. When Meesha was taken in by her RescueAngels, she saw their vet who determined she had Lyme disease and she was treated for that. It didn't take that long for Miss Meesha to charm a couple who saw her pictures and fell in love with her in December. After a few months they said she was not housebroken and the FDR recommended some positive training including getting rid of a doggy door and giving Miss Meesha more exercise. To make a long story short, the adopters returned Meesha to Forever Dobes - more trouble than she was worth? The FDR RescueAngels thought NOT - and so do we!! She was fostered with Teka who spent extra time at the vet and had her checked out to be sure she was healthy. Everyone loved her and there and there were no issues that the adopters had described. Unfortunately, Meesha bloated at Teka's home just a few nights ago and needed emergency surgery to save her life. As an extraordinary (and expensive) need - this small band of angels need your help! And of course, we at SND will provide some assistance and hopefully even more with YOUR assistance!! You can be sure Miss Meesha and Forever Dobes appreciate your help with these vet bills. Meesha is a wonderful girl that needs our help and a furever home too. Please help Miss Meesha by making a tax deductible donation, either by using PayPal or by mailing one in. No amount is ever too small. Any donations to keep our General Fund solvent will help Dobermans like Miss Meesha and those you see here!! We CAN'T do it without you - we all appreciate your continued support of these SNDobies where 100% of your generosity goes to support them and their RescueAngels everyday!!! THANK YOU!!

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July, 2013: This "oh so handsome!" Senior DobeGent, Mr. Gregory spent much of his life living alone as a guard dog so he really appreciates the one-on-one affection, walks, and treats he's now getting at the rescue. He can be a little reactive to other dogs but inside his kennel, he needs to have two feed stations to keep his female companion from taking HIS food - BITCHES RULE... :)! This is the second female companion who has done this, so clearly Gregory lets the ladies boss him around. When he came to the RescueAngels at Doberman Pinscher Rescue in southern California last year, he was underweight but they quickly took care of that with great food and tons of TLC!! Mr. G also had some problem teeth at the time and they too were taken care of... fast forward to now and Mr. G needed a semi-urgent dental which ended up costing him 16 TEETH - poor old Dude!! He thinks it's been worth it in terms of a more comfortable mouth but boy did it ever put a dent in DPR's budget - no one ever expects these things and as everywhere - $$ are down, but not the need!! Mr. Gregory is also featured on our SDP's site - please consider sponsoring him for some extras all Seniors need while in the care of their wonderful RescueAngels - visit him here http://www.doberman911.org/seniors/cases/ca_gregory.html. Please also consider helping dear Mr. Gregory in any way you can - help us with DPR's bill or... send him a Sponsorship!! No amount is ever too small. Any donations to our General Fund will help Dobermans like those you see here!! You can begin helping by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. We CAN'T do it without you - we all appreciate your continued support of these SNDobies - here's where 100% of your generosity goes to the Dobes, always!!!! THANK YOU!!

Please Help General Fund Gregory!


July, 2013: Sweet, silly Zeus won't be 2 until December 1st and he has already learned how stupid and unfeeling people can be. Luckily he doesn't hold it against us! Look at that face, he loves the world and everything in it! His "loving family" moved into an apartment where pets were limited to 5 pounds or less. Since Zeus definitely doesn't fit the code - they left him at their old house. Oh sure, someone came around and threw in some food, but we know how long that would have lasted... South West Ohio Doberman Rescue Angels decided the best thing to do was to get him out of there and into their loving care - ASAP! So now Zeus is loving life with cats and people and other dogs (even if he has a bit too much zip for the oldsters :). His story should stop here - he's been neutered and should be ready to start looking for a home, except he has a heart murmur. An EKG and X-rays were done and the results are concerning so Zeus has been scheduled to see a heart specialist. Sweet Melissa has brought his case to SND, and to you, the great Doberman community for help. If there is a way for this goofy kid to have a great life, we'd like to give it to him. Please consider helping Zeus in any way you can. No amount is ever too small. Any donation to our General Fund will help Dober-kids like Zeus. You can begin helping by making a tax deductible donation (labeled gift) using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. We certainly couldn't do it without you - we at SND appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies where 100% of your kindness goes to the Dobes, always!!!! Thank you!!

Please Help General Fund Zeus!


July, 2013: Poor Biscuit is only 11 long, painful months old. At not even a year old this Dober-boy has already endured more pain than he should have known in his entire life. Second Chance Dobermans received a call from the owner's aunt - her nephew's dog had a limp and was not using his back leg. According to the aunt, he had been taken to a vet and X-rays revealed nothing wrong, no abnormalities, just a "big dog problem." However, when the dog arrived he could not even get out of the car. SCD Angels Arda and Sarah had to pull him while the people pushed. The people said he was fine while Arda and Sarah could see he was in terrible pain. The owners reiterated he was fine - and would even come down the basement steps to hang out with them - IF THEY CALLED HIM! They knew he was fine because he was like this months ago when they got him from some guy who kept him in a garage. Of course the owners forgot the X-rays and couldn't remember the name of the vet... With a towel under his belly, Arda and Sarah got him indoors, where he curled up in a ball and shook. It was obvious to Arda his hip was not in the socket (painful to even look at!!), so off to Dr. Karen he went where her diagnosis was confirmed - he needed FHO surgery. Well, we all know Arda :)!! and so this Biscuit is going to have his second chance. He did well during the surgery and is now a different dog - well, puppy actually. Please check him out in his little video with Duchess as they both get through their activity restriction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkpa2gi8Bul - It is hard to believe this is the same pup, he's so happy and typical DobeKid now! He loves people and other dogs and is just so very ready for the rest of his life! Please join Second Chance Dobes and SND help this sweet boy and too many others like him. Your donation would not only help him but could make the difference in helping the next Biscuit too! Please consider helping the vital General Fund stay afloat in any way you can. You can start by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right (and declaring it a donation) or by mailing one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies!!! Thank you so much!!

Please Help General Fund Biscuit!


July, 2013: Beau is a big friendly boy who was picked up on the streets of Las Vegas by animal control. When nobody came to claim him and no owner could be found, the vets at the shelter decided he was not adoptable. He had a large growth on his hip - as big around as a grapefruit along with a broken tooth. So, they placed him on the “rescue only” list which means he must be taken by a short deadline or he would be euthanized. When he met the volunteers from DRNV he melted their hearts. Beau is a sweet and friendly boy who is so anxious to please and he was so very confused at the shelter. They knew he would make some family a great pet and so they did not hesitate to take him - on what would have been his final day. Despite the painful tooth and discomfort from the big growth, he was already leaning and wagging his happy nub and hopped into the car for a ride to the DRNV's kind vet. His surgery to remove the growth and the ruined tooth went well and Beau is recovering nicely. After 10 days of crate rest and hopefully a GOOD pathology report, he will be looking to share the love, something at which he is very good. Even with a great discount, his care was not cheap but our General Fund made sure he got the care he so badly needed. Mr. Beau has also found a place on the Senior Dobe Project where he is seeking his Forever Home or at least a Sponsor until he can! Visit him here http://www.doberman911.org/seniors/cases/nv_beau.html. Sponsor him, go ahead - make his day! He will send you a BIG smooch! Please consider helping this vital fund stay afloat in any way you can! No amount is ever too small to help and 100% of it goes directly to the dogs. You may begin helping DRNV and us with Beau's expenses by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of the SNDobermans!!! Thank you!!!

Please Help General Fund Beau!


July, 2013: Dani and her housemate were abandoned by their owner, he locked them in the house and just left - just left them to die slowly of thirst and starvation. Eventually, a neighbor called animal control who moved the 2 females to a North Carolina shelter. Doberman Assistance Network stepped in to save these girls, who are being fostered by DAN members. Sweet Dani is HW+, pregnant, has two very infected molars with serious periodontal disease and a tumor on the ventral side of her chest which may be cancerous. Poor Dober-girlie Dani is only about 5 but we can pretty much figure what her life has been like for those long years. On June 11th Dani had 3 stillborn puppies; she is being rested for 4 weeks before beginning the HW treatment. Only after that will she be healthy enough to endure the surgery she needs. At that time she will lose the tumor, some teeth and her ovaries, making her a whole new dog with a second chance at life! Won't you join DAN and SND in Dani's journey? Please consider helping in any way you can. No amount is ever too small to help and 100% of it goes directly to the dogs. You may begin helping Dani by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. As always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies!!! Thank you!!!

Please Help General Fund Dani!


July, 2013: The Craig's List ad read in part, "Urgent help needed for Duchess. She will soon be homeless and has medical issues." She passed through a few homes, all trying to find a safe place for her and keeping her, temporarily, from starvation. When the young man most recently caring for her was losing his home, she came to Second Chance Dobes. She surely does need a second chance and got one with the RescueAngels at SCD!! Duchess, at 4 years old, is one pretty girl. Labeling her as "white" doesn't do her justice. She is all creamy smoothness, you could almost pour her into your coffee! Second Chance Dobes wants her to be able to move into a new life and a forever home -- but first she must be ready! The Lady Duchess needed, and got, bilateral entropion surgery for her sweet eyes. She needed to have two teeth pulled also. Of course she is heartworm positive, and has received the first of her treatments. Second Chance Dobes is committed to her and to finding her that forever home waiting out there for her. They have asked SND to join them -- and we are asking the great Doberman community to join in also. Please consider helping Duchess in any way you can. No amount is too small -- and it all goes to the dogs! You can start helping by making a tax deductible donation using the PayPal button to the right, and labeling it a donation. You may also mail one in. Please remember, we at SND, appreciate your continued support of our SNDobies! Keeping the General Fund solvent will enable us to be there for the next Dobe!! Thank you!!

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