Welcome to doberman911.org, the website for Special Needs Dobermans (SND). We are an organization of people with a common goal of helping senior and special needs Dobermans. That need may be financial or it may be only information and/or moral support for the owner of a Doberman with a serious illness or injury. We will also aid in rehoming and fostering senior Dobermans. These Dobermans may be shelter rescues or they may already be much loved companions with a special need. Financial aid may be through donations or through avenues such as online auctions. Every precaution will be taken to assure that the need is real.

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Please enjoy this beautiful tribute to Rescued Dobermans everywhere - brought to us by a believer!!


Give me the ugly dog with one eye, three legs,
and help me show that they're more than just a form and a face.
Give me the scarred dog, burned and slashed with hate,
and help me lead it away from that terrible fate.
Give me the deaf and blind dog, and help me show it the way
in the silence and dark of each of their days.
Give me the shutdown dog, depressed of mind,
and help me cherish their soul until their fears unwind.
Give me the old dog, bent and broken with age,
and help me fill their last days with an unending grace.
Give me the ugly dog, I'll leave the pretty one for you,
and help me show them they're worthy of love and joy, too.
                                                                                       Leslie Bird Nuccio

About Leslie:
Leslie Bird Nuccio is President of Doberman Rescue of North Carolina – she speaks from her heart for all who do this amazing work on behalf of those who would otherwise have no voice, no future.


Meet The SNDobes Helped With General Funds!!

These Special Needs Dobermans were helped with one-time grants from our most important fund, the General Fund.  This fund is used to help Dobermans fortunate enough to find themselves in Rescue Groups.  Assistance is only provided for extraordinary expenses.  These grants can be augmented by your generous contributions to any of these precious Dobes!! Private owners will be provided the necessary information to help them fundraise for their own Dobes as well as being given information to reduce their costs for medications and ways to seek additional information about Doberman illnesses.




February, 2017:   This precious 3 1/2 month old baby is Milo, and already in his young life, he has a horrifying tale to tell. Milo was left in some type of business or shop (junkyard, maybe...?) and was assaulted and very nearly killed by the four resident - and intact - pit bulls. Beyond this being breathtakingly stupid on the part of his 'owner,' one has to wonder what the extent of neglect the unfortunate pit bulls are facing... a second grader would know better... Milo has two serious leg fractures - both femurs, right near the pelvis. Thankfully, someone got Milo to the emergency vet and was able to talk Milo's 'owner' into paying for his x-rays and consult. After dishing out the money for the visit, Milo's neanderthal owner stated he was done and walked away from this dear baby. Let's hope this Prince Charming doesn't or hasn't as yet reproduced himself. Dear Milo is now in the care of Trish of Doberman Rescue of New Mexico who stepped up to claim Milo after the compassionate vet reached out to rescues. We're told that Milo has an excellent chance of a full and complete recovery, and he's already had plates put on his fractures - before and after pix below tell the story. He's going to require a whole truckload of veterinary care, but he's well on his way. Please make a donation to SND and be a part of Milo's victory. Every cent counts and with every email, social media post and word of mouth, Milo will win. Thank you for your generous hearts - Milo sends many kisses.  NO amount is ever too small! You can mail a check or click on the PayPal button to the right. (If using PayPal, please click on ‘Send Money’ and then the ‘family and friends’ tab to keep your donation Fee Free if your account allows!) The Dobermans we are able to help because of YOU and your continued support thank you too!! If you want an even closer look at this so sweet DobeKid, please take a look at our latest Poster DUDE here:  http://www.doberman911.org/. We'll replace his broken pelvis picture with one of him recovering as soon as we can! Les Michell-Young, Case Manager and Milo's Friend.


Please Help General Fund Milo!


January, 2017 : We all cheered last June when it looked like this beautiful girl would regain her mobility.  Sadly, her early improvements were fairly short-lived.  Over the course of a few months, she struggled more and more to get up and she was moved to DALP's sanctuary so she could be an indoor dog, stay warm and get some more one on one attention. Everything was tried to get her mobile again including steroids, laser treatments, physical therapy, and water therapy. Nothing worked. X-rays revealed no broken bones, slipped discs, or any other cause for the paralysis in her back legs so it is presumed that she has nerve damage or a neurological disorder. She now has a wheelchair that fits her nicely but her long limbs get in the way and either drag or throw her off balance when they are pinned back in the chair. With her quality of life going downhill, we knew that the best option was a double amputation of those legs... These RescueAngels have done more than they can afford already and are asking for all of us to please HELP with the new surgery expense that will give this dear girl a better and happier life.  At first blush, this may seem an extreme solution but we have had other VERY successful cases where these Dobermans go on to very happy, unfettered lives and adapt very well.  Won't you please dig deep once again and help us bring this beautiful swallow back to the happy life she deserves? If you want an even closer look a lovely swallow, Miss Golondrina, please take a look at our latest Poster Girl here:  http://www.doberman911.org/. THANK YOU from Miss Golondrina's Angels at DALP and we here at SND too!!

June, 2016
: We are always amazed that someone could have a beautiful creature in their lives, give them a name that is breathtaking and demonstrates love... and then dump them at a city pound. Golondrina means swallow in Spanish; the birds that return to Capistrano in the Spring to delight all creatures. When beautiful Golondrina suddenly went down and couldn't walk, her owners waited 2-3 weeks and then unceremoniously dumped her at the Bakersfield CA pound, telling the intake workers she was about 2 years old. As awful as this was, Golondrina was soon discovered by the angels of Doberman Pinscher Rescue in Fillmore, CA and our spring swallow was scooped up into the loving arms of DPR, REA (Rescue Angels Extraordinaire). Initially, it was thought - due to her recorded age - that CVI (Wobbler's Disease) was not a possibility, but upon a visit to their wonderful vet, Dr. Rivera, her age was discovered to be more likely around 6, and lo and behold - she was diagnosed with Wobbler's. The good doctor gave Golondrina a course of IV steroid anti-inflammatory medications - and our beautiful swallow is standing and starting to haltingly walk!! She is now in DPR's loving care and she is improving every day. In the near future, Golondrina will receive cold laser treatment and acupuncture to improve and strengthen her. Doberman Pinscher Rescue in Fillmore has so many Dobes that have been cast off and need help. This remarkable rescue has saved more Dobermans than anyone can count, and it's raining Dobermans in CA. They have come to SND again for financial assistance with Golondrina's substantial veterinary bills, and we are ready to assist them in this noble and wonderful mission. THEY CAN'T DO IT BY THEMSELVES AND... WE NEED YOUR HELP TO DO THIS!! Please, every cent counts and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you played a part in helping beautiful Golondrina recover and find a home where she'll be treasured forever. You can mail your gift or click on the PayPal link button on the right (if using PayPal, please click on 'Send Money' and then the 'friends and family' tab which will keep your donation 'Fee Free'!) 100% of all donations go directly to the vet treating the Dobie. SND, DPR and Justice thank you in advance for your continued support and generosity!Thank you, and enjoy watching this magic swallow walk, run and thrive anew! Les Michell-Young, SND Case Manager - watching the swallow return to happiness!

Please Help General Fund Golondrina!



January, 2017 :   Just look at this Doberkid’s precious face!! He’s been named Cozy (because that is just what he is and what he wants!!) and he is yet another victim of incomprehensibly uncaring owners. All we actually know about him is he was an unneutered stray who was most likely hit by a car. Was he dumped? Were his hormones telling him to seek out a girlfriend? Where did he come from? These are all questions that we will never have answers for and his "loving" owners never looked for him! What we can tell you is Cozy is approximately 2 years young and ended up in an animal shelter with a painfully swollen front leg.  Initial x-rays revealed a horrendously shattered humerus. It was at this point the RescueAngels of Dobies and Little Paws Rescue in California arranged a Pilots & Paws flight which zipped Cozy from the shelter and to DALP's very kind vet for, hopefully, a repair of his leg being the first order of business. Sadly, once in surgery it became obvious that the leg was irreparable and amputation became the only alternative. We can tell you that Cozy did very well and is recovering nicely as we publish.  DALPR has rescued several Dobes recently that have all needed costly medical intervention (See Golondrina above). Let us come together to help DALPR with Cozy’s surgical fees which will enable them to rescue more Dobes in need. The DALPR RescueAngels tell us Cozy is a real sweetheart and will make a wonderful addition to his future forever home. Just click on the link to the right to begin helping! Your donation is tax-deductible and ANY amount is greatly appreciated - there’s no such thing as a donation that is too small! Your gift can either be mailed or you can use PayPal. (If using PayPal and your account allows, please click on ‘Send Money’ and then ‘family and friends’ to keep your donation Fee Free!) Thank you thank you all for your much appreciated and continued support! Beth McCahren, Case Manager for Cozy!!

Please Help General Fund Cozy!



January, 2017 :   Poor, sweet Patrick was abandoned in the desert. He’s about 2 years old, still a baby. He was very undernourished and covered with bites from other dogs - dogfighting cretins? feral dogs? Who can know?. When some good Samaritans stopped and opened their car door, he didn’t think twice! Just picture that butt tucking in to scoot right on in! Being friends of an adopter, they got him right to Doberman Rescue of Nevada. Patrick couldn’t be in better hands! RescueAngel John didn’t waste any time getting him treated and neutered! He’s a sweet, social boy and strongly ball-driven—a perfect candidate for Fly Ball competitions! Unfortunately, while healing from his neuter, he has developed a fast growing bump on his lip. There are signs the cells inside are ugly so it is being removed now. Hopefully they will be able to get clean margins with minimal scarring on his sweet face! Soon Patrick should be able to look forward to a forever home with an endless supply of tennis balls! Please consider joining SND and DRNV in our “Patrick” mission. We can’t do it without you, you know. You are the Doberman community who truly cares…You can begin helping Patrick by clicking on the PayPal button to the right - if your PayPal account allows, declare it a gift to friends and family, we are afterall just one big family! You may also mail one in. No amount is too small to show you care! Let’s show Patrick it was the best thing he could have done to trust people one more time! As always I sincerely appreciate your continued support of all our SNDobies!!! Thank you!! Carol Belknap, Patrick’s case manager.

Please Help General Fund Patrick!



January, 2017 :   This beautiful and lively girl was roaming the streets in California when local Animal Control picked her up. Because a few people had reported a "vicious" dog in the area, she was impounded at the local shelter. However, this kind shelter tested her for heartworm and discovered Karma was a high positive which is usually a death sentence for many - either because treatment is costly or the treatment itself kills the dog. The shelter contacted Ann at Dog Mountain Rescue (they are heroes to quadrupeds everywhere) and got Karma into Ann's life saving hands.  DMR saw to Karma's treatment and she is now heartworm free. And now the other shoe falls... sometime in her distant and sad past, Karma may have been hit by a car or had some other terrible misfortune. She has an odd gait and her leg is showing distinct evidence of serious injury - and it's becoming worse. Her back, also, shows evidence of injury, but that issue does not require any immediate treatment at this time. Karma loves, loves, LOVES to run with her pack mates at the rescue. Needless to say, with the worsening pain in her leg, she requires surgery to repair the damage. She'll probably have arthritis from her injuries as she becomes older... but don't we all? Please help us help DMR and Ann get this beautiful young lady the medical help she needs to keep on running and playing. Karma is just beginning her journey to a wonderful life and it truly is an honor to be part of that journey - just look at that gorgeous face! Every cent donated will go to Karma's care and not only is it tax deductible, just think of seeing Karma running with her packmates pain free! Thank you, as always, for your continued support of SND and all the deserving Dobermans everywhere.  Begin now!  You can either mail a check or click on the PayPal button to the right. (If using PayPal, please click on ‘Send Money’ and then the ‘family and friends’ tab to keep your donation Fee Free if your account allows!) If you want an even closer look at lovely Miss Karma, please take a look at our latest Poster Girl here:  http://www.doberman911.org/. Les Michell-Young, Case Manager for Karma.

Please Help General Fund Karma!



January, 2017 :   Allow me to introduce to you SND’s newest DoberDude. Say hello to (approximately) 3 year old Murdock, the latest Dobe saved by the RescueAngels of Dobies and Little Paws Rescue located in California.  Murdock was found with an injured leg after apparently being struck by a car and was taken to a local shelter by animal control. No one claimed Murdock, so as soon as he was able to be released to rescue, the awesome volunteers of Pilots and Paws made it their mission to deliver to Murdock to Dobies and Little Paws so his injuries could be treated ASAP. Unfortunately, the break was not a simple one, and extensive surgery with pins was required which will in turn make Murdock’s rehabilitation approximately 3 months long - but he gets to keep his life and his limb too! Murdock’s RescueAngels say he is very sweet, affectionate and well behaved and will make an amazing addition to his furever home once he is healed and healthy. As you can well imagine, treatment of this magnitude does not come cheaply (especially in California), and SND has been asked to help with Murdock’s vet bill. We all want to see this DD heal and begin a life full of love and happiness, the life he has always deserved. You can help by making a tax deductible donation of ANY amount to benefit Mudock and assist with his vet bills. NO amount is ever too small! You can mail a check or click on the PayPal button to the right. (If using PayPal, please click on ‘Send Money’ and then the ‘family and friends’ tab to keep your donation Fee Free if your account allows!) SND values your continued support and sends many thank yous!!  If you want an even closer look at this so sweet DoberDude, please take a look at our latest Poster DUDE here:  http://www.doberman911.org/. Beth McCahren, Case Manager for Murdock.

Please Help General Fund Murdock!



January, 2017 :   Five years ago Diablo and his brother, Rico, were bought as puppies by an elderly couple who have always lived with Dobermans. As the boys grew, their owners aged too and they became more and more frail. Finally, at ages 75 and 73, their movements confined by walkers, they became afraid of being accidentally injured by the boisterous pair. The couple’s adult children did the responsible thing and turned to Dog Mountain Rescue in Californis, putting them in the loving arms of RescueAngel Ann. They were both overweight, having been free-fed kibble from refrigerator drawers on the floor. Rico could run like the wind—but Diablo, not so much. He had a congenital knee problem which resulted in 2 TPLO's undertaken by this small rescue. The surgery was a success and Diablo now runs like any normal Dobe - but he has developed a worrisome lump on his side. It only started to appear a couple weeks ago but it is rapidly growing and needs to be removed and biopsied. Wow, the Angels of DMR could sure use some help financially as you can well imagine! Please consider joining DMR's Ann and SND in the battle for his health in the face of all these medical bills - Diablo is an expensive boy! But he is a 5 year old boy with so much more life to live - we think he's worth every cent - just like every Doberman in need!! Please consider helping Diablo! You may begin by clicking on the PayPal button to the right (if your PayPal account allows send your donation as a gift to "Friends and Family" - we are friends for sure and will keep you gift fee-free).   Of course, you may also mail one in. Every penny will go directly to this dear boy and no amount is ever too small!! As always, I would like to thank you for your continued support of these wonderful SNDobies!! Thank you!!! Carol Belknap. Diablo’s case manager.

Please Help General Fund Diablo!

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