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April, 2016!! - Miss Abby has been adopted!!!
HAPPY NEW LIFE!! Somebody just got lucky!
Happy, happy retirement Abby!!

Seeking Sponsorship/Adoption!
Date Listed
Cinncinati, OH

Rescue: Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue

Primary Contact
Application found on the Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue, or by email:
Toni West by phone at 513-553-2660

Meet Miss Abby!! 

I went to Gorgeous Model school!!

This is what I learned:  Right Face, Center, Left Face...

See what I mean?? Training pays!!
While you're here... Please take a look at my BFF The Duke!!

Beautiful 7 year-old Abby came to rescue with her best friend Duke after her owners lost their home and business. A relative took them in and although these two sweet dogs were perfectly house trained they threw them outside where they lived for 2 years. When their previous owners found out about their situation they got them back and brought them to Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue. It is hard to imagine two sweeter dogs than Abby and Duke. They are dog, cat, and kid friendly. They know sit, down, and shake and play nicely with their toys. They even put themselves to bed at night as their foster mom leaves their kennel doors open for them. They do not need to be crated but feel safe sleeping in their crates. They eat nicely in the same room with the other foster dogs in the home. They may be 7 but you would never know it as they are young-looking and acting. All these two lovely Seniors need to be happy is to live inside the home with their family and get petted, to snuggle, and play with you. This bonded pair are described by their foster mom as a delight. Unfortunately, Abby has tested positive for heartworms and will need to be treated before she finds her new forever home. These two sweethearts have been together since they were puppies and it has been decided they will not be separated but will need to go to a home who will adopt and love them both for the rest of their days! You can visit BFF Duke here

Special Needs If Any: Heartworm treatment which will be done before she can be adopted.

Geographic areas you adopt to: Rescue will consider applications throughout the U.S. and Canada providing a home visit can be done.

Contact Information: If you are interested in adopting a Senior, please visit the Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue (SWODR) website at to submit an application. or by e-mail at Southwest Ohio Doberman Rescue will consider applications from throughout the U.S. and Canada, provided we can get a home visit done. Travel to meet the dog and transportation of the dog to its new home (ground only) are the responsibility of the adopter. See our website for further details. An application is required.

The Sponsor A Senior program helps Seniors by raising funds for their rescue programs. This helps offset some of the additional costs that come with caring for a senior (diet, medications, supplements, etc.). Please read more about this program on the Sponsor A Senior page.

Miss Abby is looking for a sponsor! The cost to sponsor a Senior Dobe is $40 per month or $480 per year. You can sponsor a Senior for one month, one year, or somewhere in between. To sponsor Miss Abby, use the PayPal button below or visit the Sponsor A Senior page for instructions on sending a check. Thank you for any help you can give, it is MUCH appreciated!

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