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July, 2015 - Rest In Peace dear Mr. Maxamus!
You are so very loved forever!!

Seeking Forever Home!!
Date Listed
Knoxville, TN

Rescue Group:  A Pinsch of Heaven Doberman Rescue

Primary Contacts

Fallon Houser or Sharon Hall
Phone: Not listed

Meet Mr. Maxamusl!!

My Foster Mom is getting more pix so you can see how handsome I am - Max Handsome!!

Poor 7 year-old Maxaums has had a very heard life living on the end of a chain without medical care. When Pinsch of Heaven Doberman Rescue heard about his situation they convinced his owner to turn him over. Although his former owner claims to have loved him so much, he never got any medical care. Upon arrival to rescue he had flea dermatitis and a skin infection with clumps of his hair missing. Also he was heartworm positive requiring him to go through painful, dangerous and expensive heartworm treatment. In spite of his horrible living conditions he is one of the sweetest Dobermans and gets along well with other dogs, children, and cats. Once his heartworm treatment is complete he will be ready for a new forever home and a life without chains.

Special Needs if any: Probably none!

Geographic areas: Within a 10 hour drive of Knoxville, TN.

Contact Information
Rescue Group:
A Pinsch of Heaven Doberman Rescue
Location: Knoxville, TN
Contacts: Fallon Houser or Sharon Hall
Phone: Emails only

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