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December, 2011 - Rest In Peace, dear Miss Jolin!
Fifteen years young!! You will be remembered with love!!

Needs Home
Date Listed
Lebanon, ME

Rescue Group:

New Hampshire Doberman Resque League

Primary Contact:
New Hampshire Doberman Resque League
Phone Numbers: 207-457-1329

Miss Jolin (aka Jolie which she certainly is!)!!

Jolin was owner turn in, lady was moving and had some life changes so that she could no longer care for Jolin. jolin will be 11 on July 22,09. Came from the Martinburg line, was well cared for medically. Her father was a champion, her registered name is USK-9Jolie. She has newly diagnosed Addison's disease, since being at the league. She only needs every third month lab work presently. She had a toe removed in '08, lived with children ages 8 and above. She lived with other dogs, is afraid of cats, rides well, is a "leaner" and knows some obdience. She just had another toe, front, removed, biopsy pending. Jolin wears "diapers" at night, does well during the day as long as put out regularly, loves to drink lots of water if given the opportunity

Special Medical Needs (if any): Addison's disease, every 3 month lab work. Diapers at night

Geographic area within which rescue will place the Dobe: New England

Contact Information
Name: Norma Gurinskas
Rescue: New Hampshire Doberman Resque League
Phone Numbers: 207-457-1329


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