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Sir Zeus!

September, 2012 - Rest In Peace, dear Sir Zeus!

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Lucky Sir Zeus weaseled his way into his Foster Mom's Heart!!
Surprise! Surprise!!
He has his place in her heart with your help!!

Needs Sponsor
Date Listed
New Orleans, Louisiana

Rescue: Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue

Primary Contact

Terri Valenti
Phone #: Please contact through email

Sir Zeus!! A Knighted God on Mount Olympus!!

I'd love to reign supreme in YOUR heart!!

Sweet Senior boy Sir Zeus at 10 years-old found himself left alone in the quiet home he'd lived since he was 14 weeks old when his beloved owner lost her home and had to move to an assisted living facility. Sir Zeus was left behind in the home with only someone coming by once a day to feed and water him. The wonderful people of Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue could not stand the thought of him waiting in the empty home and quickly arranged a foster home for him. Subdued and understandably a little depressed, Zeus is affectionate to all people and will reward your attentions with a little tail wag. This loving Senior has an angelic face and a temperament to match. He gets along well with other dogs but had not been tested with cats. He is housebroken and knows sit, down, shake and possibly other commands not yet discovered. Zeus needs a loving home to settle into for this remaining years.

Special Needs if any: None

Geographic areas: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Houston area of Texas and the Florida panhandle.

Contact: Terri Valenti
Phone #: Please contact through email

The Sponsor A Senior program helps Seniors by raising funds for their rescue programs. This helps offset some of the additional costs that come with caring for a senior (diet, medications, supplements, etc.). Please read more about this program on the Sponsor A Senior page.

Sir Zeus is looking for a sponsor! The cost to sponsor a Senior Dobe is $30 per month or $360 per year. You can sponsor a Senior for one month, one year, or somewhere in between. To sponsor dear Sir Zeus, use the PayPal button below or visit the Sponsor A Senior page for instructions on sending a check. Thank you for any help you can give, it is MUCH appreciated!

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