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Oscar!   February 18, 2009 - Rest In Peace, Mr. Oscar!!

Needs Home
Date Listed
Denver, Colorado
Rescue Group:  Doberman Rescue of Colorado

Primary Contact

Chuck Vaile


Oscar found his way to us Denver from New Mexico via a transfer from a local shelter and then to Dobe Rescue and finally here! He is currently in foster with no exigent need for placement - though that would be so nice!

Oscar is exceptionally well behaved and calm. He is very obedient and house trained. he gets on well with kids, cats, and other dogs. He has absolutely no temperament quirks or flaws and is a truly special old man with a terribly gentle soul to go along with his depthless eyes.

He is receiving chiropractic and/or acupuncture treatments and some hydro-therapy - it would be optimal if these treatments could be continued. We will consider adopting him within any geographic area given proper references and homecheck.

Make this DreamGent Senior your own and make your home his forever!! It's the least he deserves for what he will give in return!!

Contact Information: Doberman Rescue of Colorado will place Dobermans in Colorado and neighboring states if a home check can be performed. Contact Chuck Vaile by phone at 303-761-7012, or by e-mail at Additional adoption information and application are available on DRC’s website at


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