Welcome to doberman911.org, the website for Special Needs Dobermans (SND). We are an organization of people with a common goal of helping senior and special needs Dobermans. That need may be financial or it may be only information and/or moral support for the owner of a Doberman with a serious illness or injury. We will also aid in rehoming and fostering senior Dobermans. These Dobermans may be shelter rescues or they may already be much loved companions with a special need. Financial aid may be through donations or through avenues such as online auctions. Every precaution will be taken to assure that the need is real.

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All of the beautiful SNDobes you see below have been helped with initial grants from SND's General Fund of $500 to $700 which gives us time to begin raising the additional money they need!  Keeping this most important fund solvent is the only way we can assist Dobes coming to us with extraordinary and more expensive than usual medical needs. Please support the General Fund and/or any of the Dobes listed here!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!


July 1, 2012:  Ace is an adorable 11 month old boy who was picked up as a stray. Discovered by the wonderful people of Doberman Assistance Network, Ace's nightmare finally came to a close when he was placed with Distinguished Doberman Rescue in Pennsylvania. Upon his arrival, it was discovered Ace was having severe pain in his right ear. When he was examined, his veterinarians found a raging infection due to a condition called congenital atresia, or an absence of an opening to the ear canal. The opening to Ace's ear canal was so small (1mm) that poor Ace developed a dangerous infection due to the build up of bacteria... out of his ear came a vile, infected discharge, and this dear baby, who was not only orphaned and homeless was also in terrible pain. In mid-June, Ace was admitted to the hospital so he could be sedated and have his ear drained. He was also evaluated for a special surgery that would correct the abnormality. It was then discovered that Ace is a bleeder, vWd compounded the difficulties of this delicate surgery. But Ace is a brave boy and is as sweet as he looks. Please read Ace's Page to learn more AND you will discover a wonderful news flash! You can be a part of the Ace of Hearts story... consider making a donation - use the PayPal button to the right - or do it by mailing one in. No amount is ever too small, and as always, SND appreciates your continued support of our SNDobies!

Please Help Ace!


June 25 , 2012:  Meet lovely Elizabeth - sweet as honey, and in dire need of some TLC! This wonderful DobeLady found herself in the Carson animal shelter in southern California at what is estimated to be 8 years old. Brought in as a stray, we think Elizabeth was abandoned and made homeless because of her medical needs.   Obviously from her picture she was past her use as a personal puppy mill.  Lucky for her, Robert, Dobe-lover and Angel who works with Doberman Pinscher Rescue of Fillmore, heard about Elizabeth and immediately drove to the shelter and picked up our newest DoberGal-in-Need. What Robert found was a super-sweet dog, a dog he describes as very special. You can read more about Elizabeth's Page by clicking through to her page. And you can help her get the medical attention she so desperately needs by making a donation - use the PayPal button to the right - or do it by mailing one in. No amount is ever too small, and as always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of our Dobes-in-Need!

Please Help Elizabeth!


June 22 , 2012:  At 4 months old, Dillon still had his baby teeth (and a home done crop) when he was dumped like a living sack of garbage into a ditch. He was abandoned by cruel cowards out in the middle of nowhere, meant to die. Destined to starve to death.  Luckily for this youngster, fate interceded and he was found and taken to a West Virginia shelter. The shelter planned to put him to sleep due to his medical condition. Please take a moment to view this short video http://youtu.be/HwuRqUMYeA8   At least I hope you will watch it... it says so much about this little boy. Poor Dillon was permanently locked in "the poop position" - He was forced to hop like a frog as neither knee could bend at all. Being constantly on his tip-toes also put too much pressure on his shoulders and elbows. He really was meant to die out there alone as he couldn't even search for food or water. X-rays revealed severe contracture of both hind legs, probably caused by distemper. This poor boy certainly had a hard life for one so short... and let's not even imagine the fate of the rest of his siblings. Teka Clark of Forever Dobes Rescue was advised to keep him comfy as long as he could motivate --and until the pain became too severe. Teka, ever the optimist, decided he should at least have some physical therapy to help with his muscle tone and endurance. Dillon was taken to VCA in Columbus, Ohio for his therapy. Once there his therapist got a surgeon involved - and Dillon's miracle began! Please go to Dillon's Page for the rest of his story. Please consider donating to Dillon's care, nothing you could do is ever too small. Do it by using the PayPal button to the right or by mailing one in.   All of us at SND and FDR appreciate your continued support of the SNDobies!!

Please Help Dillon!


May 15 , 2012:  Introducing The Duke, a wonderful DoberGent with a mysterious Tail to tell. Duke is another "disposable" dog who at 6 years of age was touched by the RescueAngels of Doberman Pinscher Rescue. Duke was left at the Carson animal shelter in California because he was having trouble walking. Duke's owner said it was hip dysplasia, but luckily in his first Big Break, that is not the case. The vet who's been treating Duke since he was sprung from jail thinks Duke's walking problems are the result of weakness due to neglect. But, with some immediate TLC and medical treatment, Duke is well on his way to making a great comeback! We can't wait to hear about this beautiful guy's recovery and renewed health and happiness. You can read more about The Duke by clicking on his page here: Duke's Page. And then you can help him on his road to wellness by making a tax deductible donation--use the PayPal button to the right--or by mailing one in. No amount is ever too small, and as always, we at SND appreciate your continued support of our Dobes-in-Need!

Please Help Duke!


UPDATE!! Miss Rudi's surgeries were done Thursday 4/26 and both knees were repaired with no complications.  She is scheduled to go home with Sue today to begin her recuperation.  Now to repair the dent in DDRI's bank account!  Please help!  Thanks!!
April 22 , 2012
:  Rudi is a beautiful and delightful 5-year old DobeLady that was surrendered by her family in NY, who had concerns about Rudi's relationship with their baby. All too often we hear this absurd excuse for surrendering dogs, and sweet Rudi is no exception. Distinguished Doberman Rescue placed Rudi in a loving foster home in NY, where her people loved her and watched her flourish. Recently, however, her foster family noticed Rudi had started to limp, and they immediately took her to their vet, who stated that she may have some hip problems. It was decided that Rudi would be moved to PA, where she was seen by DDR's veterinarian, Dr. Francine Petro, who discovered that Rudi's limp was due to a torn crutiate ligament in her left knee. Dr. Petro prescribed Adequan injections for Rudi, and she responded beautifully, but within a few days started to favor her good leg (right knee). DDR then took Rudi to see Dr. John Anderson, who diagnosed a tear in Rudi's right knee as well.  Beautiful Rudi needs surgery on both knees, as her right leg - although a partial tear - will give out if just the left knee is surgically fixed. Dr. Anderson will repair both knees during the same surgery, and Rudi will recuperate in the home of the angel of DDR herself, Sue. Please read the details of beautiful Rudi's story on Rudi's Page, look at her irresistible face, and send what you can so Rudi can run and be pain free once again.   Every penny counts, and the rewards are right there for you to see in this beauty's face.  You can help now by sending a tax-deductible donation online by using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. Miss Rudi, DDRI and SND thank you for your support!!

Please Help Rudi!


April 30, 2012:  Dear Obi-Wan is progressing splendidly through his chemotherapy and appears to be enjoying a promising remission!   The Force is with Obi-Wan no doubt!!  He thanks you all and hopes you will continue to help him keep the Force strong!
February 14, 2012:  Happy Valentine's Day?  Hopefully!! We would like to introduce Obi-Wan… No, not the guy from Star Wars, a four year old Doberboy who was rescued by Ann and Dream Paws Rescue in Indiana. Obi has been diagnosed with Follicular Lymphosarcoma , Stage IIIa. Obi-Wan needs chemotherapy ASAP to put this condition into remission. Dream Paws Rescue has very limited finances as you can imagine - way less than $1000 per year for surgeries and emergencies for all their rescues... well, that is where you come in. Obi’s treatments will be over $300 each and we are trying hard to lower these costs.  So please find it in your heart to help this very young Dobe who has gone through some awful stuff in his short life. Now that he's found love let's see that he revels in it as long as possible!! Please visit Master Obi-Wan's to learn more about this wonderful guy. You can help by sending in a tax-deductible donation online by using the PayPal button to the right, or by mailing one in. Thank you and May The Force Be With You!!!

Please Help Obi-Wan!

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Special Needs Dobermans is a nonprofit 501(3)(c) corporation. We are able to help Dobermans and their families thanks to the generosity of people like you. Your donation to SND is tax deductible. All money donated on behalf of the Dobermans, every cent, goes towards their care.

The SND General Fund is used to get new Dobes that come our way some initial assistance. Donations made to this fund ensure that we'll always be able to help, now and in the future. Please consider making a contribution to the General Fund by using the PayPal Donation link below or by mailing in a donation. Thank you very much for helping us help Dobes in need!

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