Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Update

09/05/05 - by Marcia Cowen, Doberman Rescue Group - Tulsa

Please visit the DPCA Disaster Relief site at for more information!

"We swam in and we will swim out."

We are all celebrating tonight! In the midst of all the sadness and death we have something to share that will make you sigh and smile!

Some friends of Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue SWAM down Marango St. which is off St. Charles St. in downtown New Orleans; the water was up to their necks. They swam around floating bodies that were tied together, in raw sewage, they went on relentlessly. They swam to an apartment building and then broke down a door they went to an upstairs apartment and broke another door. On the threshold waiting were three very happy Dobermans! Gulf Coast Dobermans!

They took one of the doors they had broken down and put the Dobes on it and floated them out. The door started sinking so they carried one and put the other 2 on their backs. They came to a Wildlife and Fisheries boat who told them they could get in the boat but the Dobes could not. The GCDR rescuers responded "We swam in and we will swim out." Then the Wildlife and Fisheries took all of them in the boat. The GCDR rescuers then went to the city of Metarie where they broke down a door in a house and rescued a Lab mix, a cat and a yellow canary!

The three Dobes are now bathed and they are trying to get word to the owners that they are fine.

To our rescuers in the field stay safe.


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